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Garage door safety—don’t put off repairing, upgrading or replacing your aging garage doors! Safety can be a key issue with a door that weighs hundreds of pounds, and opens and closes many times throughout the day, particularly if you have children living in your house.

Old garage doors did not have photocell technology to protect from obstacles and people who might be in the door’s pathway. If your old door does not have photocells mounted at the base of the door’s tracks, it is a danger to everyone in your house.

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Remember Safety! Garage Doors Are Also Entry Points to Your Home

Having an old flimsy thin wood door is not as secure as a new door made of two layers of steel.

When you get garage door repair done, you should always make sure that your tracks are strong, your roller bearings and wheels are smooth and tight, and that your garage door motor is operating smoothly with no strange noises or snags as the door opens and closes.

You want to ensure that the motor closes the door snug and tight with no play, so there is less of a chance it can be forced open.

Garage Door Components Matter

When picking a garage door repair service, or garage door installer, make sure that person carries premium products. Garage doors should be steel, and a good three-ply heavily insulated door should be part of that contractor’s product line. 

Confirm with your installer that he stands by the doors he installs, and has a good relationship with the manufacturer of his product line. Pay attention to his sales call: does he seem to know his product inside and out? 

Can he clearly explain all the features of your prospective new garage door? Does he understand the differences in the various price points of garage door motors? Does he seem confident in the products he sells, overall?

At Fort Lee Garage Pros

We only carry premium products from Garage which makes some of the best garage doors that money can buy. 

We offer a very substantial selection of door styles and hardware, with or without windows, classic, contemporary, or modern, as well as a variety of door materials from three ply steel/insulation/steel, premium hardwoods, and glass. 

We pride ourselves in our work and all of our techs are helpful, courteous, friendly, and very experienced. Our door design tool is available online (link provided when you contact us – we don’t want to overload the server).  

Garage Services We Offer

We use only premium products to get premium results. We don’t cut corners, and we always go the extra mile to make sure you get the very best. ​

We use only premium products to get premium results. We don’t cut corners, and we always go the extra mile to make sure you get the very best. ​

Don’t let the competition fool you… We are the best…Period. Give us a chance to prove it to you.!​

Garage Door
Repair & Tune-Up

We help fix common garage door problems such as stuck or hard to pull rollers, noisy motors, misaligned tracks, and more!

New Garage Door or Replacement

Our expert technicians can help with choosing the right type and materials, to installing your new or replacement garage doors.

Garage Door Service & Maintenance

Add us to your routine service to ensure your garage doors are always in tip-top shape to avoid future problems.

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